There are recent info on dx web cluster questioning my License.

I was spotted by many as a pirate or License expired. or not good for DXCC.

While the origin of these claims are under-investigation and action is taken, i was asked by many follow radio op's

about it. Here is it: My License....

A copy of this license has been sent to DXCC desk of ARRL. and i was assured about the acceptability of my Qsl cards.

I have only one question left... Where is your ham spirit???

A message to all who said bad words about me on web dx cluster : THANK YOU !  WHY ? because now i know my true

friends...those who emailed me telling whats going on the cluster, and who told me on air good words...

The lessons lesrned here for us is:

Please dont rely on un-verified info and take it for granted. Good sources are dx bulletin ARRL DX bulletins and others. By the

way i was mentioned 2 times on these bulletins as an active ham.

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