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A92GR Amateur Radio Station

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I am qsl manager of these stations:
A92GR Personal callsign
A92C ARAB Club station
A92WHD World Health Day special event
A92BND Bahrain National Day special event.


Mohamed Ali Al-Buflasa
P.O. Box 50203

I'm very active since i got my license, therefore i get alot of qsl cards monthly. Please include US$2 for postage.
IRC's are **NOT** accepted in Bahrain.
Be considerate and dont waste your time and money if you want a qsl card from me.

Un-answered / Lost Qsl's

I answer all qsls as soon as i get them. Usually within 1 month. If you dont get an answer from me, Please e-mail me to sort it out. This means you may have to send again.

lost & Theft

I get at least 10-20 letters every week. Due to reported lost or stolen letters somewhere. Consider sending via registered mail.


My QSL Cards